Your Trusted Solar Experts

Throughout Queensland, there are some pretty lofty targets when it comes to getting households on board with the solar revolution. Renewable energy such as solar is cleaner, greener, and way more cost-effective for the family budget. Here at Auzzie Electrical, we’re certainly excited to be part of the transition to renewable energy and we’re here to help you along.

As experts in the solar field, we perform detailed analysis of your current energy use. We check your highest consumption periods of the day, month and year to determine which size system best suits your needs.

From there, we take care of everything including supply, installation and we can even schedule regular maintenance. So, when you trust Auzzie Electrical as your solar electrician, you’re getting the full service.

Our Solar Services

See below for a list of our solar services:

● Clean Energy Council accredited design and installers
● Free quotes
● Energy use assessment
● Design and install
● Fault finding
● Repairs
● Regular cleaning and maintenance
● Performance checks
● Working at Heights certified

Our team knows what it takes to deliver honest, transparent and reliable solar energy information to your family. Because most solar energy systems pay for themselves in approximately three years, you can look forward to a brighter future with Auzzie Electrical.

Fully Accredited for Your Solar Needs

The solar industry in Australia is booming, but unfortunately that does come with some risk of dodgy operators entering the market. While the industry is still somewhat unregulated in Australia, there are certain accreditations you should always look for in a solar installer.

The major one is accreditation by the Clean Energy Council of Australia (CEC) as a licensed solar installer. This accreditation ensures the installer adheres to certain industry guidelines regarding both the sale and installation of solar energy systems. To be accredited, you need to show that you market your services with honesty, and perform your work to the highest standard using only quality materials and products.

We’re CEC accredited as a solar installer, so you know you can trust the team at Auzzie Electrical to get the job done right the first time. It’s also our commitment to provide the best advice and only sell what you need for your household.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Interested in exploring your solar options? All you need to do is contact us and arrange a time for us to give you a quote. We’ll analyse your current energy usage to recommend the right size of system. Generally, you want to generate more solar than you need because excess power can be sold back to the main grid for a credit on your electricity bill. We’ll talk you through all of that during the quoting process, and there’s absolutely no obligation to buy.

Find out how we can help you transition to clean, green, renewable solar energy today.