With over 10 years of experience in the electrical services industry, Auzzie Electrical is a team you can trust. We’re fully trained local master electricians and we love keeping up to date with the latest technology and practices. This ensures our valued customers are getting the very best and most modern solutions every time.

We take pride in the fact that our business has grown through client referrals, word of mouth, and our strong reputation.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Auzzie Electrical carries all of the appropriate licensing and insurance required to perform our work safely, securely and legally. As master local electricians, we understand the need to be licensed accordingly, for the safety of our clients and ourselves.

We’re fully licensed to provide electrical contracting services and also fully insured for your protection. This means you’re safe in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

EC License: 80251 ARC license: L143762

We Take Pride in our Work

We’re not here to brag, but we take great pride in our work. It’s not just the big jobs either, because ever customer is just as valuable to us. We love sitting back and admiring the quality workmanship we’ve put into a new home build, but we’re just as pleased when we’ve fixed a minor household fault and kept our residential customers happy.

To us, that’s what being a local electrician is all about. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so we can always feel assured that we’ve delivered the best value possible to our clients.

A Full Service from Start to Clean-up

Have you ever had tradespeople working on your home, only for them to leave you a huge mess to clear up? Well, that won’t happen with Auzzie Electrical. Clean-up is part of the job for us, and we leave your home exactly as we found it!